In addition to lifting 5.000 kg and rotating 360 degrees, ROMASTOR-TILT® tilts full pallets of drywall, solar panels and other materials up to 70 degrees, straight into a window! Please note: Max tilting weight: 2.5T

Only suitable for

Magni Telescopic Handlers


Every ROMASTOR® comes standard with manually adjustable forks. ROMASTOR® is also available with hydraulic fork positioners. With this you can safely, comfortably and quickly adjust the width of the forks, without leaving the seat of the cabin. Ideal for easy and direct handling of both narrow and wide materials! Operators in construction sites use the hydraulic fork positioners an average of 30 times per day! A very welcome and safe addition, especially in the hot summer and cold winter!

Romastor Tilt


Also highly suitable for the film industry, for attaching various film equipment, such as backdrop screens, greenscreens, truss systems, lightboxes, wind/rain machines, and for special effects!

Our advantages at a glance

360 <
  • 360Extremely flexible: Rotates continually through 360 degrees, both left and right
  • 360Strong: Moves materials up to 5,000 kg* 30 degrees in front and 2,500 kg in any direction
  • 360Work extremely efficiently with less handler maneuvering, leading up to considerate costs reductions
  • 36020% reduction in fuel costs!
  • 36030% reduction in work time!
  • 36050% reduction in operating space in comparison with a standard forks' carriage!
  • 360Optional available with safe and comfortable hydraulic fork spreaders
  • 360Plug & Play: Quick and easy attachment!
  • 360No modification of the telehandler required!
  • 3602-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • 360Homologated and certified by telehandler manufacturers!
  • 360CE- and TÜV Nederland Certified
  • 360Approved & Certified by the Department of Labor, Health & Safety!
  • 360Including FEM 3A standard Forks
  • 360Highest quality German slew drives with hydraulic motors
  • 360Quick return on investment thanks to considerable savings on fuel and work time!

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